Other Press
Agosto 2016
ISBN: 9781590517840

 is a romantic tragicomedy that recounts the exploits of Beto, an architect who heads to Munich with his girlfriend to take part in a landscape-planning competition, where he hopes to improve his career prospects. Like a flash of lightning, a text message Beto wasn’t meant to receive shatters his life and ideals and leaves him bewildered and heading nowhere—until he unintentionally falls into the arms of an older woman, Helga, in a cross-generational encounter that is the beating heart of the tale.

With sensitivity and biting wit, Trueba crafts a story of lost souls and lost loves, humorously critiques male narcissism, and shows us that in this modern age it is more important than ever to appreciate every moment and embrace intimacy when lucky enough to find it, from wherever it may come.